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3 Tin Cans of FOMO Cookies by FOMO Bakery, a bangalore based cookie brand.

Tasty Cookies. Order Online.
Home-delivered in Bangalore, India

Treat yourself

"One of the best cookies in Bangalore"

FOMO Cookies are a series of products by FOMO Bakery. Our first Bakery is located in Bangalore. We have been serving customers via platforms like Swiggy, Instagram and

FOMO Cookies come in a variety of flavours. They are packed in an iconic tin can and can be shipped anywhere in Bangalore city, India.

Hi there!
We started FOMO Cookies to bring tasty, low-sugar cookies to every household. Unlike the big brands, FOMO Cookies are made at a home-kitchen by proud Bangaloreans. Our classic FOMO Choco-Chip Cookies are made from high quality ingredients. We add no preservatives or artificial colouring. We’re just in our first year and promise to bring you the most amazing cookies!

Anne Priyanka, Founder


What customers say about FOMO Cookies


How to Order FOMO Cookies?

The easiest way to order FOMO Cookies is the online shop. You will have to create an account with your name, address and other details so it becomes easy for us to ship it right over. Please note, we only deliver in Bangalore, India.

What's in the box?

Each tin can of FOMO Cookies contain 4 extra large cookies. And a cute note from the founder.

How long do the cookies last?

We print a 10 day expiry on our boxes, but cookies are famous for how long you can store them. But honestly, we don't know why you would store these delicious cookies when you can just eat them!

Can I gift FOMO Cookies?

Yes, absolutely. FOMO cookies for corporate gifting makes complete sense. You can simply place an order and get delivery to your office.

If you need to gift to a friend, you can simply put their address as the delivery address. FOMO cookies are the best home delivered choco chip cookies in Bangalore.

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